Tutorial Island

The begining of the adventure! Paint My World offers many different traps, puzzles, enemies, and objective requirements throughout the game. They change a lot and require you to think on your feet.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Boss Levels

Block World

The first real world within Paint My World. Here most of the games mechanics are introduced and are then used throughout the game.



Can be opened by painting a set number of blocks the relevant colour.


There are many enemies in Paint My World - these ones will paint the colour of their feet, and be wounded by walking on the colour of their heads.

Breakable Blocks

These blocks can be broken by Fluff when he is the correct colour.


Must be saved by guiding them through baby exits.

Baby Exit

Babies of the relevant colour must be guided to their exit points.


Spikes will hurt Fluff when he touches the tip!

Forest World

The second world in Paint My World. Mechanics of the previous world are built upon, as we add new traps, twists and puzzles. But of course, we don’t want to give everything away here!



Bombs will destroy all destructable blocks of their colour. They will also change Fluff into that colour.


Hype up the variety of baddies out to stop you from completing the game.


These enemies have a set path - can move through walls - can be killed by paint mathcing their head colour.


Springs allow Fluff to fly high into the air, as long as his colour is correct of course!

Temple World

The third world in Paint My World. Lots of new traps await in the Temple World.

The game gets much harder and this world really gives a different feel to the previous levels found in the game.



Teleport doors will allow you to move from one door to another, some doors require you to be the correct colour in order to use them.


Hype up the variety of baddies out to stop you from completing the game.

Aztec Warrior

These warriors are all slightly different, they will chase you down or shoot you if they see you. They can be hurt by the colour on their shield. Each colour of paint has a matching symbol in the objectives area.

Ball and Chain

Avoid these, they hurt. Really.. we know, we ran into them a few times.