• What is Paint My World?
    A 2D platformer puzzle game with a fluffy paintball protagonist.

    Our adventure takes part in a world full of Colour, or devoid of it depending on the situation! Our hero Fluff must take on the worlds challenges to save his family and restore order.

    Each level requires a set number of objectives to be completed, such as painting a number of tiles, destroying certain enemies, saving so many babies, and of course fighting bosses.

    Paint My World is designed to keep the game fresh and interesting throughout, this means that lots of new mechanics and items are added to the game in each world. It requires you to think on your feet and figure out the best way to use each item. Of course, we will hold your hand at the beginning – but before long you will be confident enough to take on the challenges yourself!

  • Where can I play Paint My World?
    You can play it right now! Download the game, the Enjin Wallet, and purchase a license key. (See the Enjin Wallet page for details on how to do this)

  • What is Enjin Coin?
    Enjin Coin is a cryptocurrency that allows for game items to become real assets with backed value. Paint My World embues items with Enjin coin, so that they can exist within your Enjin Wallet.

    From here you have true ownership of the item. You can send the item to friends, sell the item on the Enjin Marketplace, or even melt down the item and receive back the embued Enjin within it.

    This means the item will always have value, and belongs to you, rather than sitting on our games database.

    Learn more about Enjin Coin within the video below.