Paint My World uses blockchain technology to enable the player to fully own the assets they earn while playing the game. 

This gives you – the player – the benefits of being able to trade items, and gives true value to the items you earn.


This process is incredibly easy and a fun envrionment to get into. Follow these simple steps to link your Enjin wallet to the game.

  1.  Download the free Enjin Wallet app onto your mobile phone.

  2.  Create a new Enjin Wallet, and follow the backup option. This is so you will always be able to recover your wallet in the future, such as if you change phones.

  3. Next we can link the Enjin Wallet to the Paint My World game. Download the game from this website, you can either choose to purchase a license with your game download or just download.

    When you open the game you will be asked to register an account.

    After registering you will be asked to link your wallet address. Within the Enjin Wallet on the left hand menu, there is an option called ‘Linked Apps’. Here you can either scan the QR code or enter the ID given to you via Paint My World.

  4. Once your wallet is linked to your account, you then need a Paint My World Game License to play the game. You can purchase one via the Enjin marketplace, or via this site as mentioned in step 3. 

    If you purchase via the website, you will need to enter your Enjin Wallet Address. This can be found within the Enjin Wallet, by clicking “Receive” after selecting the Enjin Currency. Enter this address on the account page on this website as seen below:

  5. That’s it, you are done! You are now ready to play Paint My World and receive real assets as rewards for playing the game!