What is Paint My World?
The sleep-deprived idea of Paint My World was born one fateful Sunday morning. Initially as a design concept, the plan for Paint My World was to be made as a quick Flash game, all the way back in 2010. As we worked on the game, we soon discovered just how much scope and potential the game had, so we wanted to make it into something more.

Paint My World has gone through several iterations, but the scope has never been fully realized. This is why we are releasing the Legacy version of Paint My World, with new Enjin blockchain supported features. Along with the development of remake, the introduction of blockchain features will give Paint My World depth that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible, as well a slightly different direction to the game.

Was Paint My World ever a Flash game?
Short answer: No. We created the game for mobile platforms, at the height of the mobile games industry. This is why we decided to port Paint My World to mobile. Due to flash and mobile limitations at the time, we unfortunately had to cut corners, and it strayed from what we originally envisioned for Paint My World.

What is the new plan?
Now the Legacy version of Paint My World has become a PC release, and we are going to be developing the new game, which we will not be cutting any corners with, and exactly the way we envisioned Paint My World.

We thank you for supporting us, and playing our game.